TalentCap Call for Speakers is Now Open! Submit your proposal by 25 June 2018 to speak at the #DMICON Digital Marketing Innovation Conference Singapore.

June 14, 2018 /PRWIRE.asia/ —

TalentCap is celebrating the completion of Social Media Marketing Innovation Conference in April 2018, its second international conference in Southeast Asia. Held in Kuala Lumpur, the conference brought together speakers from LinkedIn, Google, Mindvalley, Axiata, Nespresso, and more. The conference included talks from digital marketing experts to discuss new innovations and strategies that could assist businesses in transforming their growth, productivity and performance.

The first ever #DMICON in November 2017 succeeded in making a genuine impact on the Southeast Asian SME culture. The event was geared toward emphasizing the importance of digital disruption as an invaluable tool to bricks and mortar businesses, who risk being left behind if they do not adapt to the realities of the new market.

Exit interviews confirmed that the great enthusiasm for the lessons learned at the event, with both attendees and keynote speakers looking forward to the upcoming #DMICON Singapore’s event.

Guruchathram Ledchumanan, Senior Officer, Digital Communication from WWF Malaysia explained his impressions of the event, “I found the TalentCap conference very rewarding and definitely a valuable investment. My favourite speaker was Vadim Fink, Head of Marketing, Mindvalley. He talked about how to use video on social media to drive real business results. And I’d highly recommend anyone to attend this conference because of the value you get from the conference is a lot more than the ticket price. The TalentCap conference is a great opportunity to network and to expand your social circle of digital marketing influencers. Thanks a lot to TalentCap for organizing this great conference!”

Dheeraj Raina, Managing Director from ADA Malaysia was optimistic about the impact of the event, saying, “It’s been a wonderful experience to attend the TalentCap conference, especially interesting because it has a great mix of advertising agencies, tech companies, and some of the clients who are really grappling with the challenges on doing a digital transformation. I think this is a great forum for professionals to come together and really share learnings, and best practices across. Thank you so much TalentCap for inviting us – this is definitely a very good initiative.”

Tim Sae Koo, CEO & Co-Founder from TINT travelled all the way from San Francisco, California to participate at the TalentCap conference in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. Tim shares his wonderful experience, “Overall my experience at the conference has been excellent. Listening in to all the different types of topics around digital marketing has expanded my thoughts and perspectives on how to approach marketing holistically. I really enjoyed all the different types of speakers and the attendees who has participated at this event – in just getting to know them, hearing their story and seeing what challenges they are facing and explore how we can all help each other and to learn best practices. And thank you so much to the TalentCap team for inviting me and hosting this. I’ve had a really great experience!”

Casie Lane–Millhouse Singh, Facebook Ad Strategist from Two Lane shared her delight, “I came up here to Kuala Lumpur from Singapore for the TalentCap conference and I love it! One – because I love social media. And two – because I love people who are hungry to learn. The speakers are fantastic, I’ve learned a lot, and I’d definitely tell all my friends to come to the #DMICON Singapore and hang-out with me. I would say that anybody who wants to have a deep dive into digital marketing should definitely attend. The TalentCap conference features some great expert speakers sharing valuable insights. You have an intimate setting where you can definitely speak to them face-to-face after their talk.”

Roberto Cumaraswamy, a Growth Marketing Consultant, explained a possible focus for the upcoming conference, “The data is beginning to increase, and our ability to use that data with new services is increasing as well. It will be very interesting to see how AI takes thing forward with machine learning.”

Dr. Farouk, Chief Data Scientist from Innovation Advisory Group explained how omnichannel marketing, a key theme at the conference, could be invaluable to Southeast Asia’s growth, “I think Southeast Asia is primed to leap frog a lot of western societies, because we are more agile, we can adapt quicker to new technologies, and we’re more open.”

Deepak Menon, #DMICON Producer from TalentCap shares, “We are thrilled to have had such a successful event, and we are already full of ideas for how we can make the Singapore chapter event bigger and better still. We are so pleased to have had PRWire Asia with us, documenting and proliferating the latest news and developments to the widest possible audience. Their work has definitely helped make this event as successful as it has been. We at TalentCap work hard to meet expectations from sponsors and partners, and we’re happy to hear that we are hitting the mark with them.”

Following the success, TalentCap announces #DMICON Singapore Call For Speakers. TalentCap is pleased to announce that it is accepting presenter proposals for the Digital Marketing Innovation Conference, a two-day tactical conference happening on August 2018 at Singapore.

TalentCap is looking for compelling Digital Marketing presentations that that can ignite passion by giving the audience an experience, not just information via sample stories (parables) on victories, best practices and lesson learned. TalentCap is reaching out to speakers who can move the audience to action with the right message, the right tools, and the right delivery, making their audience understand why their world needs to change, and then not only show them how to do it, but how to get inspired to do it well.

The conference focus topics include; Digital Strategy, Video Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Influencer Marketing, Customer Experience, Growth Hacking, Mobile Retargeting, Chatbots, and Omnichannel Marketing – among others.

Super early bird tickets available here: http://talentcap.com/dmicon

About TalentCap: TalentCap produces quality information and events for the international conference industry. We recruit the best speakers, provide the best training and offer the best networking in the industry. We produce innovative, inspiring, and indispensable event solutions and services. We provide businesses with insights and contacts they need to grow. We curate content for specific industries and to facilitate dialogue and strategic thinking. We expose sponsors and partners to a highly engaged international audience. We aspire to Inspire and equip business leaders to achieve extraordinary results. For latest, please visit: www.talentcap.com

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